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Walkstool Basic Camping Stool

  • Lightweight, Foldable, Telescopic Stool
  • For Event Shooters, Trade Shows, Campers
  • Normal Sitting Height: 20″ / 14″
  • Low Sitting Height: 12″ / 14″
  • 330 lb / 385 lb Weight Capacity
  • Black Polyester Seat, Matching Gray Legs



The Linhof cable releases are ridiculously well made and built to last-one often encounters perfectly operational Linhof releases upon the secondhand market, manufactured more than half a century ago and with many thousands of exposures under their belt.  They have a particularly long, strong throw.  In fact, they are amongst a very short list of cable releases which can trigger Copal Press shutters(which release and cock again all in one action, requiring more force) with crisp reliability.

The 002431 is a 21″ (53 cm) cable release that helps prevent camera shake for super telephoto shots, macrophotography and bulb exposures.  Cable releases are also quite handy for taking pictures of difficult-to-approach subjects as well as minimizing vibrations with closeup and lengthy timed exposures.

Rotating nipple
Durable coated finish resistant to moisture & dust
Broad, well-contoured plunger design
Classic T-lock mechanism

GigaPan EPIC Pro Camera Mount Vice/Clamp

  • Fits Existing EPIC Pro Sliding Rail
  • Arca-Compatible Quick-Release Clamp
  • Side-to-Side Adjustment of Camera
  • Bold Scale for Accurate Positioning

Flipbac Camera Grip G4


Greatly improve the handling of your camera. Many point and shoot digital cameras have no grip and a smooth finish. Even though a camera may be small, it is often difficult to hold and can slip out of your hand. Flipbac Camera Grips can be easily applied to the front of your camera to prevent slipping and create a solid hold, making your camera more secure in your hand. One-handed picture taking is easier and safer.  The four different grips, inspired by the most popular cameras today, have been designed to blend in seamlessly with your camera. Made of 100% silicone, the Flipbac Camera Grips flex to the shape of your camera body for a perfect fit.         *** Please note: All of our Camera Grips fit on most cameras lacking a grip, however only the G4 has a hollow
groove to fit over existing small bumps and grip-strips on cameras such as the Canon S100 and the Nikon V1.

The Flipbac Camera Grip G4 will fit over the small grip-strip found on popular cameras such as the Canon S100 and Nikon V1, as well as other cameras lacking a grip. It features a leather grain texture, made of high grade silicone and quality 3M adhesive. When mounted on the camera, the Grip G4 handsomely adds form and function as if a “factory finish.

Retouching Color – Foliage Green


Marshalls Liquid Retouching Colors are self-blending and can be applied over each other until desired shades are reached. For color and black and white prints and transparencies.

SDS – Safety Data Sheet


Selenium Toning Concentrate Solution


The use of Berg Selenium Toning Solution on warm tone papers results in reddish brown tones on toning when immersed 2 to 10 minutes. The use of Berg Selenium Toning Solution on warm tone papers results in reddish brown tones on toning for 2 to 10 minutes in Berg Selenium Toning Solution, diluted 1 part toner to 3 parts of water (1:3). Other papers may give little or no color change. To avoid color change, but protect the image and increase D?max (deepen dark blacks and increase contrast somewhat), dilute 1 part toner with 10 to 30 parts of water, and tone for about 2 to 10 minutes. After toning, use fresh Berg Bath solution and wash thoroughly to achieve maximum archival protection.


8 x 10 Dimple Bottom Tray


High impact plastic tray with dimple bottom for easy handling of RC prints.

Scale for 1983 Loupe


P.S. No. 5 Reticle

Scale for 1983 & 2028 10X loupes

The scales inscribed

on the reticule are:

0 to 10mm Scale (0.1mm divisions)

10mm by 5mm Squares

Circles 0.05mm to 1.0mm diameter




Walkstool Steady is made with three kinds of users in mind:

People using Walkstool outdoors with the risk of having the rubber feet sinking into the ground €“ typically hunters.

Professional users working on slippery surfaces with the need of making Walkstool even more sturdy and reliable.

Those in need of a heavy duty portable seat that will hold their weight for years to come.

Walkstool Steady can be used with all Walkstool Comfort models and is normally being delivered pre-set for being used with Walkstool Comfort 55cm/22in. This setting can easily be changed by the user according to the Walkstool model.

10 x12 Plastic Developing Tray


10 x 12 Plastic Developing Tray

Fully seamless white heavy-weight high impact plastic trays. Maximum corrosion resistance: 58% solution of acetic acid. Safe for all normal photo processing. Tray Depth: 2 1/4″

Dust-Off Chrome Valve


“Great for computers, monitors, laser printers, fax machines, copiers, keyboards, photo equipment, or any other dust collecting surface or hard to reach area. Chrome nozzle available separately. 100% Ozone Safe!”

Pistolero Arca-Swiss Handle


Pistolero Arca-Swiss Camera Grip from Hondo Garage

The Pistolero Quick-release Handle is the perfect addition to the Pop & Lock Pro and is what turns it into the best-selling Mini Rig as a front handle.  But it’s so much more than that!

Arca-Swiss compatible quick release built in. The Pistolero securely and quickly mounts on any camera with an Arca-Swiss compatible plate attached to the bottom, thus providing an instant pistol grip. Voila, you’ve just made stabilized hand-holding a breeze.  All done? Just release the Pistolero and mount the camera right back onto the tripod or into one of the various HG rigs!





The Pelican 1430NF Top Loader Case (Olive Drab) is an unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof hard case used