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NEW! Invisible Carbon Formula MINIPRO


Featuring an ALL NEW DESIGN, the unique LensPen MiniPro, now with invisible carbon formula! features a fully retractable ultra fine brush and a flexible chamois tip. It uses a proprietary carbon based cleaning compound that won’t spill or dry out. With an improved replenishment cap to guarantee longer life, there’s truly nothing else like it on the market. The LensPen miniPro has won many awards for superior product design and usability.

The new MiniPro is a shorter version of the original MiniPro, and has been specifically
designed to fit into small digital camera bags.

Safe to use on all lenses
Flexible cleaning tip
Cleaning compound will not spill or dry out
Compact tip specially designed for small lenses and eyepieces
Reduces static build-up
Handy dust removal brush
Unique non-liquid compound
Fits easily into camera bag, purse or pocket
Length – 3.7
Weight – 3 oz.

How to Use Found Here.

16″ strand of zipgear with no metal housing unit


A 13.5″ (size can vary up to .45″) strand of zip gear with no metal housing unit.

All zipgears are a .8 pitch.


B-Grip Tripod Adapter


B-Grip Tripod Adapter

Canon N3 cable


This cable allows you to connect the following cameras to your GigaPan EPIC PRO model.

  • Compatible with the device under shutter release mode:Canon EOS: 1D series, 5D series, 7D, 50D, 40D. 30D, 20D, 10D.



HazMat product, subject to additional freight charges.

UnStik™ is a special releasing solvent used to remove artwork from pressure sensitive and heat-assist mounting adhesives. UnStik™ will not damage your paper prints or cause inks to bleed. It can also be used to clean fingerprints and adhesive residue off of artwork without any damage. -32 fl. oz bottles, 

Anti-Stat Film Cleaner – 32 oz.


Anti-Stat Film Cleaner – 32 oz.

A film cleaner that safely solves the never-ending problem of fingerprints on color and black & white film as well as slides and movie film, leaving them dust resistant and static-free. Completely safe for use in industrial quantities. Contains no carbon tet.   


Focusing Extension


Makes it easier to fine focus while looking through grain magnifier, especially when making larger prints. 24″ long extension shaft, connected to adapter via coil joint, allows full range of movement. Precision engineered, non-slip adapter fits over fine focus knob on all Saunders/LPL 4 x 5″ enlargers. Also works on Saunders/LPL 670-series enlargers fitted with optional fine focusing attachment (Cat. No. 240-300) Also works with all Saunders/LPL 4 x 5″ enlargers.

Gafftac Gaffers Tape

1/2", 1", 2", Black, Grey, White
Quick View

Gafftac Gaffers Tape

  • Non-Reflective
  • Natural Rubber Adhesive
  • Hand Tearable
  • Residue-Free Removal
  • Water, Vapor, & Abrasion Resistant



The Linhof cable releases are ridiculously well made and built to last-one often encounters perfectly operational Linhof releases upon the secondhand market, manufactured more than half a century ago and with many thousands of exposures under their belt.  They have a particularly long, strong throw.  In fact, they are amongst a very short list of cable releases which can trigger Copal Press shutters(which release and cock again all in one action, requiring more force) with crisp reliability.

The 002431 is a 21″ (53 cm) cable release that helps prevent camera shake for super telephoto shots, macrophotography and bulb exposures.  Cable releases are also quite handy for taking pictures of difficult-to-approach subjects as well as minimizing vibrations with closeup and lengthy timed exposures.

Rotating nipple
Durable coated finish resistant to moisture & dust
Broad, well-contoured plunger design
Classic T-lock mechanism

GigaPan EPIC Pro Camera Mount Vice/Clamp

  • Fits Existing EPIC Pro Sliding Rail
  • Arca-Compatible Quick-Release Clamp
  • Side-to-Side Adjustment of Camera
  • Bold Scale for Accurate Positioning

Retouching Color – Foliage Green


Marshalls Liquid Retouching Colors are self-blending and can be applied over each other until desired shades are reached. For color and black and white prints and transparencies.

SDS – Safety Data Sheet


Selenium Toning Concentrate Solution


The use of Berg Selenium Toning Solution on warm tone papers results in reddish brown tones on toning when immersed 2 to 10 minutes. The use of Berg Selenium Toning Solution on warm tone papers results in reddish brown tones on toning for 2 to 10 minutes in Berg Selenium Toning Solution, diluted 1 part toner to 3 parts of water (1:3). Other papers may give little or no color change. To avoid color change, but protect the image and increase D?max (deepen dark blacks and increase contrast somewhat), dilute 1 part toner with 10 to 30 parts of water, and tone for about 2 to 10 minutes. After toning, use fresh Berg Bath solution and wash thoroughly to achieve maximum archival protection.