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Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 60/4.0

Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 60/4.0

Coverage: 70mm / Filter size: 49mm

HR Digaron-S special features:


  • Resolution up to 100 line pairs/mm, pixel size up to 5 ?m.
  • The open aperture is free of vignetting and can be used as a working aperture.
  • Excellent imaging performance at working apertures from 
    5.6 to 8.
  • To avoid blurring and color fringing caused by the sensor protection glass, the calculation of the optical design includes a 2 mm thick sensor glass.
  • Perfect symmetric reproduction due to special adjustment of the optical elements.
  • Thanks to the retro focus design of the wide-angle lenses there is no additional light fall-off and no color fringing on the sensors with micro lenses due to extremely oblique light incidence.
  • Enough space left for camera movement between lens and sensor even with short focal lengths.


Recommended cameras ALPA, Arca Swiss, Cambo, Linhof,
Recommended digital backs Phase One, Leaf, 
Recommended working f-stop 5.6
Recommended scale range ? – 1/10

Digital backs, image circles, movement ranges

 Imagecircle for scale ? 70 mm
Movement ranges at sensor sizes:
33 x 44 mm ?? 11/9
37 x 49 mm ?? 7/5
40 x 54 mm ?? 2/2
72 x 96 mm Line Scan   –

Dimensions and Weights

Push-on diameter 51 mm
Filter thread E 49
Rear mount diameter 42.0 mm
Flange focal length at scale ?  (Copal version) 64.3 mm
Flange to lens end (Copal version) 24.0 mm
Overall length 57.6 mm
Weight (version Copal) 240 g

Shutter types

Copal 0
Control mode mechanical
Shutter speeds range B , T , 1/500s…1s
f-stop range 4 – 32
Rodenstock eShutter 0
Control mode electronic
Shutter speeds range T , 1/125 – 32s
f-stop range 4 – 32


Focus Mount (dimensions and weights in version Copal)
Focusing range with Focus Mount ? – 0.7 m
Flange focal length at scale ? with Focus Mount 45.6 mm
Flange to lens end with Focus Mount 5.3 mm
Weight, lens with Focus Mount 365 g
Centerfilter, Exposure correction -2,5 f-stops
Mounting thread
Front thread



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In stock

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