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Kodak Royal Generations Paper is an exceptional color negative paper for making color prints from color negatives. It delivers bold, saturated colors, superior print longevity, and is designed to work well in both optical and digital imaging systems. It replaces Kodak Ektacolor Royal VII Paper, Kodak Ektacolor Royal VIII Paper, and Kodak Ektacolor Royal IX Paper.

Improved digital printing – Improved detail and cleaner text; more robust calibration
Enhanced tone scale – Improved flesh to neutral; warmer highlights
Royal Generations Paper is easily identified by its thicker support, which provides durability in handling, and by its distinctive gold “Kodak Royal Paper” watermark

Compared to Ektacolor Royal VII Paper, this paper features the following improvements:

Increased color saturation – Richer, brighter, more compelling colors; More vibrant greens, blues, and reds
Enhanced flesh-tone reproduction – Exceptionally natural-looking skin tones
New raw stock color – Easier printer setup and focus
State-of-the-art image stability – Improved light stability – Over 100 years before noticeable fading in typical home display; Significantly improved dark stability – Over 200 years before noticeable fading in the most common home storage conditions; Bold, bright colors that last longer
Technology optimized for Kodak Films – The best possible prints from Kodak Max, Gold, Royal Gold and Advantix Films; Versatility to provide great results with other manufacturers’ negative films
Improved process performance – Improved resistance to abrasion marks during process; Less waste; Reduced process sensitivity to leuco cyan dye in the bleach-fix (less than pH 6.2)


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