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Shanny SN600SC E-TTL Flash for Canon

  • Guide Number: GN62(ISO100,200mm)
  • Wireless Flash: Optical transmission Master/Slave, Radio transmission Slave
  • High speed sync: 1/8000s
  • Flash mode: ETTL, M, MULTI
  • Trigger mode: Set-top flash, optical transmission, radio transmission, light trigger
  • Zoom range: Auto,20~200mm (When using wide angle dispersion plate is 14 mm)
  • Master flash: Master optical pulse signal transmission
  • Slave flash: Optical pulse SLAVE Canon/Nikon. Light trigger S1/S2, wireless SLAVE (Need to cooperate with the upgrade module in software, with an external RADIO module)
  • Flash control: 8 levels of output control (1/128~1/1), 22 levels of fine tuning
  • Frequency flash: 1~199Hz
  • Recycle time: Quick flash less than 2s, ordinary flash less than 3s
  • Radio triggering distance: About 100m;
  • Optical triggering distance: About 20 m
  • Flash groups: Support for multiple flash groups Radio Channels: 4~16
  • Optical Channels: 4
  • Flash light ratio: 8:1~1:1~1:8


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Shanny SN600SC is a great E-TTL II and HSS enabled speedlite flash for both on and off-camera use. It is a great alternative to the higher priced Canon 580EX II and 600EX-RT flashes. For on-camera use, SN600SC is looking to be one of the best choices amongst inexpensive flashes currently available.

SN600SC is one of the most affordable Shanny flashes for both professional or advanced amateur Canon shooters. It is an excellent choice for on-camera use as well as off-camera use in combination with Yongnuo YN622C wireless triggers. The build quality is good and it feels solid. It is feature rich, supporting e-TTL (II), HSS, 2nd curtain sync, wireless and optical master and slave modes, auto and manual zoom, flash exposure compensation, flash exposure bracketing and much more.

Additional features: second-curtain sync, FEC, FEB, FEV, modeling flash, AF-assist, manual zoom, auto zoom, sound prompt, advanced setting, PC port, power saving mode and over heat protection, USB firmware updates.
Power supply: 4×AAsize batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH is usable) Measurement: 79.7(L)×142.9(W)×125.4(H)mm
Net weight: 420g (not including battery)

Compatible list: Canon 1100D, 1200D,550D, 500D/T1i,350D, 600D,650D,700D,60D,70D,7D ,7DII,6D,5D II,5DIII (NOT suitable for Canon 1D II,1Ds II, 1D,5D ) the applicable of other cameras need to test
1 User Manual
1 Flash
1 Flash Stand
1 Protect bag

Weight 1.525 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 4.25 × 3.5 in
California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING