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The Copyright Zone: A Legal Guide for Photographers and Artists in the Digital Age, 2nd Edition *HARDCOVER*

The Copyright Zone

A Legal Guide For Photographers and Artists In The Digital Age, 2nd Edition

By Edward C. Greenberg, Jack Reznicki 

Focal Press – 2015 – 352 pages

If you license or publish images, this guide
is as indispensable as your camera. It provides specific information on
the legal rights of photographers, illustrators, artists, covering
intellectual property, copyright, and business concerns in an
easy-to-read, accessible manner. The Copyright Zone, Second Edition covers:
what is and isn’t copyrightable, copyright registration, fair use,
model releases, contracts and invoices, pricing and negotiation, and
much more.

Presented in a fun and easy to digest style, Jack Reznicki and Ed
Greenberg, LLC help explain the need-to-know facts of the confusing
world of legal jargon and technicalities through real world case
studies, personal asides, and the clear writing style that has made
their blog Thecopyrightzone.com and monthly column by the same name in
Photoshop User magazine two industry favorites. The second edition of
this well-reviewed text has almost doubled in size to ensure that every
legal issue you need to know about as a photographer or artist is
covered and enjoyable to learn!

1. Introduction, 2. Selling yourself, 3. Your Bundle of Rights, 4. Hope
You Registered that Weapon, Sheriff?, 5. Release Me!, 6. Contracts &
Invoices, 7. Agents, Reps, and Lawyers, Oh My! Or Playing with Others
8., Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and Little League: Social Photography
Issues, 9. Stuff You Should Know, 10. Sample Release Forms


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