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The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide, 2nd Edition

The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide

A Down & Dirty DV Production, 2nd Edition

By Anthony Q. Artis

Focal Press – 2014 – 400 pages

To anyone who wants to make a doc but

doesn’t have a lot of time, money, or experience, Anthony Artis says:

“It’s time to get down and dirty!”—a filmmaking mentality that teaches

you how to be creative with your resources and do more with less.

Written by a guerrilla filmmaker for guerrilla filmmakers, this all new

edition of a bestselling classic doesn’t just tell you, it shows you how to make your projects better, faster, and cheaper and has been updated to include:

  • Fresh coverage of DSLR cameras, new lighting gear, visual

    storytelling, postproduction techniques, and distribution in an online


  • 500+ full color illustration, timesaving tips, and practical

    input from filmmakers that you can immediately apply to your own


  • New sections on fundraising, choosing lenses, shooting

    internationally, the 4K format, shooting on iPhones, previsualization,

    wireless microphones, dolly and slider shots, staging remote interviews,

    transcripts, and more

  • This bonus website ( features video

    and audio tutorials, storyboards, releases, equipment guides, and


Hustle up a winning documentary crew and choose the right equipment

for the job. Learn to shoot more polished, professional-looking footage

and interviews on any budget, any camera, any time. Plan through all the

obstacles, avoid common filmmaking pitfalls and tighten your lighting,

audio, and visual storytelling skills before you hit the streets. The hotly anticipated second edition of The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide will help you do all this and more!


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