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Ultra Endura Paper F (smooth, glossy) 20″ x 288′ Roll

Kodak Professional Ultra Endura Paper is a resin-coated, silver halide color paper which is optimized for commercial applications.

The paper can be exposed both digitally and optically. It is designed for all types of equipment from digital (CRT, LED, and laser) exposing devices to optical enlargers and automatic printers.

Kodak Professional Ultra Endura Paper features higher contrast and color saturation than Kodak Professional Supra Endura Paper.

It is an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications such as point-of-purchase, trade show, decor, and product photography.

Process with Kodak Ektacolor RA Chemicals for Process RA-4, a long with Kodak Professional Pro Strips Color Negative Paper Control Strips / for Process RA-4.

State-of-the-art industry standard image stability.
Advanced color coupler technology.
Unique high-intensity reciprocity characteristics.
Robust processing characteristics.
Reduced developer replenishment rates.


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