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Ultra Endura Paper N (smooth, matte) 50″ x 164′ Roll (OVERSIZE)

Would you like to offer your customers prints with extraordinarycolor gamut and simplify your workflow at the same time? That’sexactly what you can do with KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRAENDURA Paper. Deliver amazing output quality that lasts.

ULTRA ENDURA Paper is a high-contrast, photographic paperthat’s optimized for commercial applications. It features anemulsion set that delivers brighter highlights and bold colors formaximum impact.

It features higher contrast and color saturationthan KODAK PROFESSIONAL SUPRA ENDURA and SUPRAENDURA VC Digital Papers. And add to that a print life that morethan meets the demands for commercial printing.

As a member of the family of ENDURA Media, ULTRA ENDURAPaper shares a similar emulsion set that features pleasing fleshtonereproduction, great highlight and shadow detail, all whiledelivering excellent print longevity.

With optical/digital printing compatibility, ULTRA ENDURAPaper offers consistent results and easier print matchingregardless of printing technology—all from a single inventoryof photographic media. What’s more, ULTRA ENDURA Paperdrives efficiency in lab workflow, improving productivity.

Plus KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Paper ImagingEmulsion Technology is Kodak’s standard for photographicimage output—it consistently delivers the results your clientsexpect while helping you meet your business goals.

For color-charged images that stand out from the crowd,choose KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA Paper.


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