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B-Grip UNO Ultra Comfort Camera Holster


From the makers of the most innovative and versatile
camera holster system comes the new B-Grip UNO! An advanced, multi-purpose
camera holster designed for mirror-less, bridge, and compact size cameras.


N°1 in Versatility

keeps the camera comfortably and securely connected to your body when you are
active, and it fits any backpack, belt or bag.

When the camera is attached to your backpack – thanks to UNO
– it stays stable. It‘s also very comfortable, helping  you avoid the neck strain typical of
traditional camera strap use. UNO is designed
with an elongated attachment base that rests evenly on the shoulder strap. The
shape keeps the camera steady and perfectly vertical without impacting the body
while you’re moving and active, protecting both the camera and the wearer.

quick-release plate is also compatible with all Arca sized tripod heads, making
it easy to go from carrying to shooting on a tripod as well.


BULK 100/Pack DHAP Vswabs Orange (1.6X)


BULK 100/Pack DHAP Vswabs Orange (1.6X)


Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 100/4.0


Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 100/4.0

Coverage: 70mm / Filter size: 58mm

HR Digaron-S special features:


  • Resolution up to 100 line pairs/mm, pixel size up to 5 ?m.
  • The open aperture is free of vignetting and can be used as a working aperture.
  • Excellent imaging performance at working apertures from 
    5.6 to 8.
  • To avoid blurring and color fringing caused by the sensor protection glass, the calculation of the optical design includes a 2 mm thick sensor glass.
  • Perfect symmetric reproduction due to special adjustment of the optical elements.
  • Thanks to the retro focus design of the wide-angle lenses there is no additional light fall-off and no color fringing on the sensors with micro lenses due to extremely oblique light incidence.
  • Enough space left for camera movement between lens and sensor even with short focal lengths.


Recommended cameras ALPA, Arca Swiss, Cambo, Linhof,
Recommended digital backs Phase One, Leaf, 
Recommended working f-stop 5.6
Recommended scale range ? – 1/10

Digital backs, image circles, movement ranges

Image circle for scale ? 70 mm
Movement ranges at sensor sizes:
33 x 44 mm ?? 11/9
37 x 49 mm ?? 7/5
40 x 54 mm ?? 2/2
72 x 96 mm Line Scan   –

Dimensions and Weights

Push-on diameter 60 mm
Filter thread E 58
Rear mount diameter 42.0 mm
Flange focal length at scale ?  (Copal version) 99.8 mm
Flange to lens end (Copal version) 22.1 mm
Overall length 73.4 mm
Weight (version Copal) 370 g

Shutter types

Copal 0
Control mode mechanical
Shutter speeds range B , T , 1/500s…1s
f-stop range 4 – 32
Rodenstock eShutter 0
Control mode electronic
Shutter speeds range T , 1/125 – 32s
f-stop range 4 – 32


Focus Mount (dimensions and weights in version Copal)
Focusing range with Focus Mount ? – 1.8 m
Flange focal length at scale ? with Focus Mount 80.1 mm
Flange to lens end with Focus Mount 3.4 mm
Weight, lens with Focus Mount 495 g
Centerfilter, Exposure correction -2,5 f-stops
Mounting thread
Front thread

Spot-all Kit 4B – 4 COLOR SET


Marshall Spot-All Liquids are for retouching, spotting, coloring and correcting photographs and black-and-white negatives. Invisible and rapid drying. Use on most film and on glossy or matte photographic paper. Contains: selenium brown, neutral black, brown tone, and olive tone. Comes in 1/2 oz. (14mL)dropper bottles.

SDS – Neutral Black

Linhof Technikardan 23S

Quick View

Linhof Technikardan 23S

  • Front and rear standards rotate 90 degrees, parallel to the rail, making the camera flat and more compact for easy transport
  • Vertical/Horizontal back with grid groundglass
  • Accepts standard Technika 45 style lensboards
  • Studio camera features in a field camera size

BRNO baLens 72mm White Balance Snap Lens Cap


The baLens is a snap-on lens cap with a removable translucent dome in the center. By simply placing the cap on your lens, pointing the camera at the light source and doing a manual white balance, superior color correction is easily achieved under any lighting conditions. Simple. Smart. Functional. Change the way your camera sees color. Go from orange, blue and green-tinted photos to beautifully captured color by setting a custom white balance with the baLens Cap. The patent-pending baLens White Balance Lens Cap system comes with interchangeable neutral and warm filters. So no matter how challenging the lighting, with a baLens Cap you can get better colors right out of the bag. Save time, energy and money by eliminating the need to adjust an image’s color balance in your photo editing software. baLens allows you to concentrate on the creative aspects of your photography. The baLens is simple to use: mount the baLens Lens Cap on the lens, take a reference exposure of the light falling on your intended subject with the camera set in manual focus/auto exposure mode. The baLens Lens Cap will allow the setting of a custom white balance based on the actual color temperature of the light source. The dome-shaped filter allows for very accurate measurement of color temperature under mixed light source conditions. Using the camera’s menu functions, locate the custom white balance setting and apply the reading. A warm dome is included for when you wish to achieve natural skin tones in portraits or an overall warmer effect in your photos. BRNO implements very strict quality controls. For example, once the formula for the center filter pieces are mixed, a pre-production sample is taken and measured against a control sample on a photo spectrometer and densitometer. Once this is approved, then samples are taken from production pieces during various times during output and retested, providing you a product that meets the highest of standards.

Kodak MAX ALK BATT K3A-2 AAA 2 pack







***New, Improved!  Made from stronger, more durable material!***

Just when you thought the B-Grip could not get any more convenient! Introducing the B-Grip Travel Kit! The B-Grip Travel Kit quickly and easily attaches your B-Grip and camera to vertically oriented straps and other closed circuit straps that you normally would not be able to attach your B-Grip to. Great for backpacks, the Travel Kit keeps your camera from swinging wildly and uncontrollably, like it would on a normal camera strap. Why is it called a kit”? It includes a handy camera cover to keep your important camera parts out of the elements and a safety tether. B-Grip travel kit is sure to keep your DSLR conveniently ready to shoot at all times.

B-Grip Travel kit includes:

Vertical strap mount

Camera raincoat

Security tether


BULK 100/Pack DHAP Vswabs Orange 1.0x


BULK 100/Pack DHAP Vswabs Orange 1.0x

GigaPan Epic Panoramic, robotic camera controller for smaller camera/lens combinations

  • Automatically Captures Panoramic Images
  • Works with Most Compact Digital Cameras
  • Includes GigaPan Stitch Software
  • Powered by Six AA Batteries
  • Share Your Panoramas via the Internet