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PRO-mounts Battery Kit Hero4

New in

the collection, the PRO mounts Battery Kit for GoPro Hero4! After extensive

testing of various brands of batteries, we have the BEST quality battery and

found that we have packed as PRO mounts Battery Kit

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PRO-Mounts 18 Antifog inserts

Avoid moisture and grime in your GoPro housing. Ideal in cold and damp conditions. These inserts can be re-used up to five times, and can be optionally dried in an oven. It is recommended to store them in an airtight bag . 

Suitable for all GoPro Cameras.

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PRO-mounts 360 Clamp


PRO-mounts 360 Clamp


Clamp your GoPro camera or other action camera onto backpacks, rigs, caps,

and shoot great Point of View footage and movies

The Clamp Mount can rotate 360 degrees in any direction, and the angle can be adjusted to your needs

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PRO-mounts 360 Wrist Mount


PRO-mounts 360 Wrist Mount


your GoPro camera or other action camera to your wrist and shot action

footage without using your hands.

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PRO-mounts Bag of Mounts (includes Tripod Mount)


PRO-mounts Bag of Mounts (includes Tripod Mount)

The PRO-mounts Bag of Mounts allow users to securely mount their GoPro

to helmets, vehicles, gear and more. Weather your looking to expand

your mounting options, or use as a resource for replacement parts, the

Bag of Mounts is a must have or any action cam enthusiast. Offers 3-way

adjustability for a variety of shots and capture angles. The mount can

be removed by heating the adhesive bond with a hair dryer and peeling

off mount.

This set contains everything you need to properly mount your GoPro,

including a Curved Adhesive Mount, Flat Adhesive Mount, 3-Way Pivot

Arm, Quick Release Buckle, J-Hook Quick Release Buckle, Camera Tether,

Tripod Mount and Thumb Screw.

Note: Also compatible with most action cameras with required 1/4 thread adapter (sold separately).

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PRO-mounts Battery Kit Hero3 / Hero3


PRO-mounts Battery Kit Hero3 / Hero3+

New in

the collection, the PRO mounts Battery Kit for GoPro Hero3 & Hero3 +, now

in stock! After extensive testing of various brands of batteries, we have the

BEST quality battery and found that we have packed as PRO mounts Battery Kit

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PRO-mounts BigPole


PRO-mounts BigPole

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PRO-Mounts Board Kit


This set is ideal for any athlete who uses a board. Think of a surfboard, wakeboard, snowboard, or skateboard!

The set includes :

– 1 board mount

– 1 Tether (security)

– 1 Floaty (stick it on the back of the housing with the supplied patch, and your GoPro floats)

– 1 Locking Plug

– 6 pieces of anti -fog inserts

Suitable for all GoPro cameras and other action cameras.

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PRO-mounts ChestHarness Mount


PRO-mounts Chest Harness Mount

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PRO-mounts Fast Cut


MAGIX Fastcut 
Assemble your best scenes featuring the sensational action templates automatically to the rhythm of the music, without any prior knowledge. 

Whereber your adventure even begins, the most important part is what you get out of it. Your biggest golf hit, your quickest descent or your highest jump: show the world what you have experienced. With MAGIX Fastcut it edit and share your ActionCam recording easier than ever.

1. Import Video
Simply connect the camera via USB to the computer or videos directly from the SD card to load. With Fastcut is creating and sharing videos easier than ever.
2. Automatic video editing
Alternate mounting templates with a length of 30 to 180 seconds.
3. Sharing videos
Share your videos with others worldwide on the Internet on the go on mobile devices, on TV or on the computer.

The main functions:

Automatic video editing with multifaceted action templates such as surfing, mountain bike trip and more
Manual mode: switch and assemble themselves
With drag & drop cinematic use effects
Powerful music for videos of varying length
Proxy video editing: 4K and HD ActionCam videos without editing shock
Automatic image enhancement, such as stabilization and distortion correction for action cams
Audio Filter for the removal of wind noise
Universally suitable for all common action cams
Videos present everywhere: on TV, mobile or online
Your adventure will surprise everyone
And in just 60 seconds
When you are looking for adventure on the water, on the bike or in the air, then Fastcut mounting templates that can automatically drop your perfect adventure – fully automatically mounted to the beat of the music.
Concentrate on the moment. And not your camera.
You are facing the biggest challenge. You succeed, but the images from the camera are all moved.
Fastcut saves these recordings without having to do all over again.
The world is upside down. For you, no problem.
A camera under your skateboard, on your bike or in your forearm: often, the world is your camera upside down. But yes, he must still remain seated …
Fastcut with you afterwards correct the alignment of your videos – with just one click.
Adventure: HD. No distortion more!
Action Cams are known for their shooting angle. For individual settings, that’s great, but if you want to record without distortion, which can subsequently be very distracting.
With Fastcut you can remove this fisheye effect you ActionCam very simple.
You keep going to your limits – your computer.
Thanks Proxy video editing allows you to mount your 4K and HD video files use the original versions that are easier to edit.
This allows for a quicker processing of your recordings without shocks – and in the end you can still enjoy every detail in high quality.
You control the most spectacular tricks. The Fastcut tutorials.
Experience Fastcut live in action. In this tutorial we show you the optimum setting for your ActionCam, using assembly templates and work with effects such as color correction. The perfect starting position for action fans.

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PRO-mounts Flat & Curved Mounts

PRO Mounts Flat & Curved mounts

contains 3 flat and 3 curved 3M™ adhesive mounts

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